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i miss you

hey you , i havent really talked to you , so i thought i would write in this . i hope everything is okay with you . i miss you :[ . im going to sleep after im done posting this , so i hope i can talk to you tomarrow . im my journal i posted a bunch of new pictures of me if you wanna see , i was bored all fing day , cause friends ditched me ...
but anyways , i also took some pictures of my art too , and you are the only one who gets to see now hehe . i put it under the cut , to hide your eyes from ugliness lol
dont laugh , they arnt the best but meh oh well ...
hope to talk to you soon

from the 'nickelback' cover

from the 'ours' cover

my double sided project from senior year , watercolors ewww , its suppose to be kurt but didnt turn out like him much
and last ...

kurt in my cartoonish way

night hun
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